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updated 10:40 AM GMT, Mar 13, 2019

I’d Rather be Saved by Christ


…than Superman!

(Image and bold text from MSN)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Super-Priest! Catholic padre Humberto Alvarez of Saltillo, Mexico, is getting plenty of online love because of these images showing him wearing robes covered in superhero images when he celebrates children’s Mass. 

Not many members of the clergy would sport pictures of Superman, Batman and Spiderman on their holy vestments, but Alvarez clearly knows something about keeping kids’ attention. He also peps up the service by using a water gun to bless the congregation with holy water.

How about we teach children that Jesus Christ is the One, the Only, the True superhero, the only Person in which we can and should put our trust, our hope?

When the symbol of the Cross – the Christian symbol of victory over death and sin – is replaced with such inappropriate imagery I think we can honestly say that it is blasphemy. And not only blasphemy but a shame, a scheme. Why entice children with fairy tales and comic book characters when we can entice them with true heros – Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, His marytrs, confessors, ascetics and theologians, as well as true tales of herosim and virtue – the Gospel and the lives of the saints?

This photo, and the positive hype it has received, is yet another testimony that the world has not yet fully encountered true Christianity which would never subvert Christ for Superman not even for the sake of gathering a large crowd of children. And that crowd of children will be scattered in a matter of time because spiritual junk food, although enticing, cannot nourish the human soul.

And why are Roman priests permitted to do such things in Catholic parishes? 


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